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I am Frank III, founder of the Weight Loss for 50+ website and experience. Turning 65 I have been on-a diet/ fitness journey. There have been ups and downs with failures and successes. I have learned a lot and ultimately I have found my personal experiences and strategies that work for me, and I’m sure we can find some strategies that will work for you, too. I want to give you a bit of my background and who I am, and my journey.

My Journey

I have been a Coach, Counselor, and an Administrator in Education for 45 years. I retired four years ago. Up until retirement I was able to maintain a good weight and stay fit, but when I retired and had back surgery, and Covid-19 I have struggled with my weight and fitness. Turning 70 has also been a challenge. Carrying around extra weight is not healthy for many reasons, but one of the main concerns has been the pressure it puts on all of your joints, heart, muscles and body in general.

Why would I want to Help You

I have always loved helping people, and being a counselor for 45 years has provided me with the expertise to help people.

Goals of my Website

My mission, my goal and desire is to give guidance to people like myself who are struggling with weight loss after 50+. I would like to help guide you through the process. My personal journey has taught me that to effectively lose weight and maintain that loss depends on three very important items: 1. Exercise, 2. Diet, 3. Supplements. It is my pleasure to provide you with different options for you to choose. Every person is different and every person’s circumstances are different so I will provide you with a variety of choices in exercises, diets, and supplements. I will also provide you with pertinent and updated information on how to stay as healthy and fit as you possibly can as you continue to age gracefully. Your success will be my success.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Good Luck,

Frank L. Jones III


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